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If you intend to write one of the ideas listed below, let me know so I can note it here.

The list below is only meant to be representative and offer ideas. If you have another idea for a piece that you want to write let me know so I know what you’re working on if someone else comes to me with similar idea.  If you don’t want to write it, but would love to read it let me know and I’ll post it below.

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July 23rd Ideas

Assumptions  &  Shenanigans



  • Review of The Avengers or another movie this summer.  Tell us about the pros and cons of the film.  You may want to read Ebert’s review of Battleship to get the idea.
  • The album is all but dead now, but if you’ve bought one lately, how is it?  Look at Rolling Stone, Spin or the last pages of The New Yorker for models of music reviews.
  • Seen a play?  Timeliness matters here…Do you recommend we rush to see it?  What should we look for when we attend?


  • Why do the NBA finals matter?
  • Why was recent the Wisconsin election important?
  • Attend a recent sporting event, concert or another one time event?  Tell us about it.
  • An Awards show…


  • Weigh in on a current event.  What do you think?  Are others missing the point?
  • Facebook just went public…would you have invested?
  • Instagram was bought for 1 billion dollars…was this a good purchase?

Said the Student to the World:

Literature in Culture:

  • See a reference to a work you’ve read? Let us know where, when and how it affected the message of the work.

In Focus:


Personal Essays:

  • Has a summer activity offered you insight and / or greater understanding of the world? Share it here…


  • Seen a tv show or movie or heard a song that reminds you too much of another tv show, movie or song?  Let us know about it.


  • What’s the best way to do something? It doesn’t have to be a serious intellectual endeavor…
  • What’s the best way to watch or catch up on a tv show?
  • Where is the best seat at Hadlock field?
  • Which Maine beach should I not miss this summer?


  • I’ve written a few–QsIMustAsk…I even have a Twitter feed dedicated to it @QsIMustAsk
  • If there is something in the world that feels askew ask others if they’ve noticed it too. You don’t have to have the answer…It may not even need to be fixed.


  • Think Daily Show, Colbert Report and The Onion.  Doing this well is harder than it looks. Beware.


  • The 10 best ____[fill in the blank here]____
  • Make sure to explain your rationale.  The only person who needs to be convinced is you.


  • What viral video or meme do we need to be aware of?
  • Is there a clothing trend we need to know about?
  • Is there something happening in music, movies, tv, etc?  It may be alarming. It may be interesting. Either way its happening let us know before it is too late.

Where I’ve Been on the Web:

  • The Web has a lot of value…at this point there is more there than can be discovered easily.  Help us find the good stuff.
    • What sites should we make sure to visit?
    • What new services should we check out?


  • Do you create music? If its hosted on SoundCloud or another service let me know.
  • If you draw and want to share…

—New Ideas from the July 23rd Session—

Current Events

Vacations / Places to See

Personal Safety Laws

Why does everyone think the world is getting worse?

Personal Safety Laws

Reviews of games, movies or books that interest people

Guides of useful tips that can help out in daily life

Reading to children—viable cognitive boost, real benefits?

What sort of small problems bother other people

Harry Potter—themes, symbolism, hardship, courage, heroism etc

How does the whole “this video has been changed from its original version and formatted to fit this screen” idea work?

Long comments

People talking about what they like

Psychological effects of parental abuse

The importance of the arts


Some satire, parodies or other humorous writing or reviews of what you find funny

Personal thoughts

Government Welfare programs


Discussions on entertainment

Standards based education personal opinions versus pros and cons other aspects of the concept and implementation of the idea

Great literature of the 1900’s

Personal safety laws

Reviews of books, products or people, unbiased, and indifferent factual and informative views or personal view of opinions on things.

Funding of television ads and other Mane political related media from sources outside Maine



Interesting Observations