The Annual Student Address (Resources)


1.Videos to Accompany Transcripts for Close Readings
A. David McCullough Jr. “You Are Not Special”

B. Nick Kocher “Don’t Be An Individual”

C. Sandra Bullock

D. Charlie Day

2. GraduationWisdom resources:


3. Additional Speeches –Mostly from High School Valedictorians NOT ALL OF THESE ARE EXEMPLARS
“Four Years of High School in a Four Minute Speech” A Speech by both the Valedictorian and Class President

“I’d like to thank Chipotle”

“I Never Said Much In School”

“I Would Appreciate A Round of Applause After Everything I Say”

“Life is More Like a Ripple of Water When a Pebble Falls”

“Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)” Baz Luhrmann’s Music Adaptation of a 1997 essay by Chicago Tribune Columnist, Mary Schmich

“I Felt Suffocated in School”

Graduation Rap?

The Pokemon Speech

“And You’re Our Valedictorian?” (Was this approved by the admins?)

Justified or Not They Don’t Let Her Finish

Photo credit: Marc Wathieu via / CC BY-NC