If you’d like to receive emails with the day’s rundown each time I post a new Day To Day entry for your class follow the steps below and voila! Magic will happen every time I create a post…

Set up free account at IFTT, also known as “If This Then That”.  This is super easy since you can login with Google and use those credentials.  There’s nothing to remember!

Then click this.  It links to a recipe that includes all the behind the scenes stuff necessary to send an RSS feed right to your inbox.  I can’t take credit. Credit goes to George Williams  an associate professor of English at the University of South Carolina Upstate.

Once you’ve clicked on the link click to “turn on” the recipe.  Now you just need to configure the recipe by entering a few pieces of information. The screen should automatically change to allow you to put in information. If it doesn’t click the gear at the top right.

Where the prompt says RSS to Email Formatted type the name of your English Class

Where the prompt says Feed URL copy and paste the information for the corresponding class as listed below.


  • English III: http://www.mrjeremyyoung.com/category/english-iii/feed/
  • English IV: http://www.mrjeremyyoung.com/category/english-iv/feed/
  • AP English IV: http://www.mrjeremyyoung.com/category/ap-english-iv/feed/

The other settings can be left alone. Just hit save.

Photo credit: Foter.com