English III December 7th, 2017

I forgot that I’d be out today…I was told to go to a conference, so I’m there today.  I will be back by 2:15 for students who were planning to stay today.  


  • “Grass” by Carl Sandburg — Note Sheet on Reverse

In Class:

  • Complete Note Sheet for “Grass” and turn in… this can be done quietly in groups of 2s and 3s.
  • Read your book quietly.  Extra copies for many books are on the table if you’ve forgotten yours.
  • Work quietly on Hero’s Journey presentation.  If you haven’t done the first one yet, you must be ready for Monday. If you’ve done #1 work on #2.  It was posted last class and can probably be found in your email as well.


  • Poetry Out Loud will occur next class–Be ready.
  • Hero’s Journey #1 presentations will happen next class.  #2s can as well if we have time
  • Membean
  • Read book

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