AP English IV November 13th, 2017


  • Poetry Out Loud Scavenger Hunt

In Class:

  • Poetry Out Loud
  • Discussion of Parody Assignment–
    • Step 1: Identify Author
    • Step 2: Find 5-6 techniques / moves that characterize the author’s work
    • Step 3: Create a story that
      • a) follows the storyline:
        • A one-handed Father goes to the airport to get to a time-sensitive business meeting to clinch a deal (something large is at stake)
      • b) includes the following elements:
        • TV showing infomericals (But Wait! There’s More)
        • crying baby
        • one Ove “like” character
        • a moody teenager
        • someone / something that is rude and sassy
        • a room that can’t (shouldn’t) be entered, but is
        • an unspecified (you can specify it) holiday
        • weather that is unusually ___________
        • someone who slips & falls
        • Dialogue that includes “I’ll take a ____________” “No. you won’t.”
        • the color green
        • the smell of oak (whatever that is)


  • Find a Poetry Out Loud poem
  • Submit short story templates…
  • Email me your author, begin to create your style points, figure out a “plan / outline” to solve the problem of the elements…how will they be used?

Photo credit: OliverN5 via Foter.com / CC BY-ND

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