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Hamlet Study Sessions

2 April 2012 No Comment

While we will be reviewing in class, Mr. Cote and I are also offering additional study sessions to discuss Hamlet on Monday 9th, Wednesday 11th & Monday 23rd from 2:30 until approximately 4:30 in room 126.

The format is flexible and the sessions will work to meet the needs of those in attendance.

These sessions are voluntary, but are recommended especially for students who are described by any of the following:

  • have been absent during reading
  • have a class average lower than 80
  • struggle with the complexity of the plot
  • are unsure of the elements of the play

These sessions will allow students to:

  • have 2-4 hours of structured and guided studying time
  • study efficiently and effectively with someone who knows the play well
  • take part in a session that can address the play in its entirety in one sitting

It is better that you attend and find that you didn’t need the extra help, than to choose not to attend and find out that you did.

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