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17 September 2011 No Comment

September 24th — November 1st

September 24thGreek Tragedy Quiz



See the 24th

26thWorkshop Day 27thOedipus

Vocab 2 Assigned


See the 27th

October 1stGuidance Visit


Non-Fiction Book


See the 1st

3rdGuidance Visit


Non-Fiction Book

Poetry Connection #2 Due


See the 3rd

5thWorkshop Day
8thHoliday 9thOedipus

Non-Fiction Assignment

Personal Essay Discussion


10thSee the 9th 11thOedipus

Oedipus Quiz #1

Personal Essay Assignment Introduction


12thSee the 12th
15thOedipus Quiz #1 Corrections Due


Personal Essay #1

16thSee the 15th 17thOedipus

Poetry Connection #3 Due


18thSee the 17th 19thOedipus

Personal Essay #1 Due

22ndSee the 19th 23rdOedipus Quiz #2

Non-Fiction Connection #1 Due


24thSee the 23rd 25thOedipus Quiz #2 Corrections

Personal Essay #2 Assigned

26thSee the 25th
29thOedipus Studying



30thSee the 29th 31stPersonal Essay #2 Due

Poetry Connection #4 Due

November 1stSee the 31st

*Changes to the syllabus will be announced in class and reflected on the Daily Rundown

August 30th–September 20th

August 30 RCourse Intro  31 WSee 30th
September 3LABOR DAY




4 RTurnitin 

12 Angry Men



5 WSee 4th 6 R12 Angry Men 

Harvard Sample Essays #1

7 WSee 6th
10 R12 Angry MenHarvard Sample Essays #2



11 WSee 10th 12 RUnitiesRules of Greek Theatre


Oed Vocab #1


Poetry Connection #1 Assigned




13 WSee 12th 14 RPoetry Connection #1 Due 


17 WSee 14th 18 RGreek Theatre Quiz 



19 WSee 18th 20 ROedipus 

Oedipus Vocab Quiz #1


Oedipus Vocab #2


21 WSee 20th

*Changes to the syllabus will be announced in class and reflected on the Daily Rundown


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